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    • QST identifies the better surgical skin graft technique

      24 January 2019
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      QST identifies the better surgical skin graft technique:

      In a recent article published in the International Journal of Surgery, authors reported the use of a wide array of QST (quantitative sensory testing) techniques to identify which of three surgical flap techniques is the least damaging to sensory nerve function of the donor site.

      In this trial, which used Medoc’s TSA II and AlgoMed QST systems, thirty-one patients were included, by approximation equally divided among three types of surgical techniques. (more…)

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    • Something to be optimistic about for 2019!

      2 January 2019
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      Computerized Pressure Algometer

      What do the AlgoMed device, conditioned pain modulation and optimism have in common?


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    • AlgoMed – High Level Technology for Pain Diagnosis

      31 October 2018
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      Algometry has been used in the past decade for the detection of pressure pain threshold in different body sites, including bones, muscles and tendons. Patients with fibromyalgia, for instance, have been tested in clinical trials, attempting to quantify and characterize their pain through algometry. However, measurement tools adopted to test pain in fibromyalgia studies, for example, were based on the clinician’s impression of the patient’s state, thus not giving a precise measure (Cheatham et al., 2018).


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