Introducing MMS Arbel 6.3.7 – Medoc’s new software update

We are proud to announce the release of our latest update to Medoc Main Station software: MMS Arbel 6.3.7

MMS Arbel offers some exciting new features as well as many other improvements and performance enhancements.
MMS Arbel new features were developed based on our users feedbacks and requests and its include:

  • New option to define individualized pain perception”
  • Flexible “Next Sequence” control
  • External interface new features
  • Interlacing warm and cold stimuli

New option to define individualized pain perception

VAS Search is a new program which makes the process of determining the temperature that correlates with any desired pain rating fast and easy.
The need to find what temperature is associated with the subject’s pain rating is very often a part of a preparation for performing advanced protocols such as CPM, temporal summation, offset analgesia, etc. The process of adjusting the stimulation intensity to match the subject’s individualized pain perception can now be performed directly using the VAS Search program.
VAS Search is a clever adaptation of Ramp & Hold program, using a series of stimuli that have a predefined duration and an adaptive destination temperature which can be determined automatically or manually.

Flexible “next sequence” control

New options for selecting the next sequence allow the user the required level of flexibility to control the program on the fly. The added flexibility opens new opportunities for creating more complex protocols and making the randomization more sophisticated.
MMS Arbel includes several new parameters which enable on the fly control of various programs. The added flexibility gives you the opportunity to create programs with controlled randomization, adaptation to external input and many other complex protocols.

External interface new features (licensed feature*)

Pathway External Interface includes new commands that allow you to take advantage of the flexible sequence control features and the new VAS search program, as well as CoVAS and numerical pain rating input. The combination of controlled input and flexible temperature control gives you the freedom to create truly adaptive and sophisticated protocols.
The new features described above are relevant for Network External Interface only (not for Parallel), which is applicable for Pathway system with a specific license.

Interlacing warm and cold stimuli (licensed feature*)

New ‘Thermal Grill’ protocol is now available for CPM users, allowing the application of simultaneous interlacing warm and cold stimuli resulting in burning pain sensation. This protocol can be used as an additional tool to investigate chronic pain of different origins and to better understand pain mechanisms.
Thermal Grill protocol is achieved by combining two Limits programs, each having independent parameters allowing for maximum flexibility. Creative users will quickly discover that the possible protocol which can be created with the combination of two limits programs is in fact very wide and goes far beyond Thermal Grill.
The option is applicable for Q-Sense CPM device only and is available under a specific license.