• Medoc expands its Services to serve CROs – Improving Success Rates of Clinical Trials

    20 September 2016
    Medoc expands its Services to serve CROs - Medoc

    With a proven track-record offering advanced neuro-diagnostic medical systems to leading research institutions around the world, Medoc now expands its reach to serve the CRO and pharmaceutical markets.

    Mr. Amir Haiman, General Manager QST Division & CTO, commented on Medoc’s recent expansion to serve the pharmaceutical industry: “With vast experience in medical research, advanced technologies and creative solutions to complex trial challenges, Medoc is the perfect partner for CROs looking to optimize their pain-related clinical trials anywhere in the world.”

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  • Brand new set of normative data is available using CHEPS!

    14 June 2016
    Normative data for CHEPS - Medoc

    We are proud to be featured in the prestigious PAIN journal, thanks to an ambitious and revolutionary interntaional study that was made by leading researchers from all over the world. The study has recently been published with an extensive set of reference values for A-Delta mediated evoked potentials using Contact Heat stimulation, a technology patented by Medoc, using Pathway Model CHEPS platform.
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  • New software update – MMS Arbel 6.3.7

    6 April 2016
    Medoc - MMS Arbel 6.6.7

    We are proud to announce the release of our latest update to Medoc Main Station software: MMS Arbel 6.3.7
    MMS Arbel offers some exciting new features as well as many other improvements and performance enhancements.

    MMS Arbel new features were developed based on our users feedback and requests and its include:

    • New option to define individualized pain perception”
    • Flexible “Next Sequence” control
    • External interface new features
    • Interlacing warm and cold stimuli

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  • Medoc two thermode Q-Sense CPM system

    10 December 2014
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    - Conditioning and Test thermodes offer versatile & easy-to-administer CPM protocols

    – Software allows tailoring of test and conditioning stimuli

    – Database platform & report generator

    – Offers additional capability for both static and dynamic QST

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