Medoc new blog

22 January 2015
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Welcome to our blog!

We have started this blog in order for you to see another side of medoc, a side that surpasses technical information. We believe that blog can be a great platform to share information we come across in our daily work, such as: interesting publications we read, new, promising research that we stumbled upon in conferences and other gatherings and receive when chatting with our worldwide users and much more. We want to act of this important information and bring it to you here, in this blog.

Here you will find posts about interesting published papers, commonly used tests and protocols, technological innovations, new exciting trends in fields of pain, thermal QST, evoked potentials and their use, new approaches for diagnosis and treatment of pain and different applications of our equipment.

As we share our knowledge with you, it would be our pleasure to communicate with you and to get your feedback regarding the blog.. If you have any questions, inputs or suggestions – you are more than welcome to share it with us!

We promise to keep you updated with new interesting information, so stay tuned!

See you in our next post!

Medoc Team