Medoc and Cephalon support the QST section of the Danish Diabetes Academy workshop

27 February 2020

Medoc is honored to participate in the Danish Diabetes Academy workshop: “How to Improve Assessment of Nerve Fibre Damage in Diabetes? An Interdisciplinary, Hands-on, Collaborative Workshop”.

Masha Aronovich, Medoc’s Scientific and Clinical Affairs Manager, and Mogens Christiansen from Cephalon, Medoc’s local partner in Northern Europe, will be supporting the thermal quantitative sensory testing workshop, held at Aalborg University.

Participants in this event are students, researchers, and key-opinion leaders active in the field of diabetes and diabetic neuropathy from all around Europe.

Thermal quantitative sensory testing is a sensitive and easy-to-use method to assess small fiber damage in diabetes, even at a pre-clinical stage.