Benefits & Advantages


  • Access to quantitative, precise clinical findings on sensory nerve function
  • Easy-to-use, compact solutions that can be used in any type of clinical setting, and by many levels of staff
  • Non-invasive, painless technique
  • Efficient, fast application in clinical settings
  • Robust, user-friendly software and data processing that is constantly being updated
  • Normative data based on years of advanced research and proven data

Advanced QST

  • Modular and upgradeable systems suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Outstandingly rapid heating allowing evoked pain recording in response to laser-like contact heat stimulation, using thePATHWAY model CHEPS model
  • Selective evoked pain recording of C-Fibers and A-Delta fibers, using the PATHWAY model CHEPS
  • fMRI compatible
  • Data is easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further advanced analysis
  • Allows Cold Pain research
  • Advanced S/W protocols (Windup, Ramp & hold, Spikes)