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As part of Medoc’s ongoing efforts to improve our products and support, we are proud to officially launch the New Medoc Main Station Operating Software for TSA-II systems that was delivered before 2012.

Click here to check the Main advantages of TSA-II Main Station software

Support for Windows 7 & 8 (32 & 64 bit);  Current WINTSA s/w supports 32 bit XP only

  • Reliable database backup.   Backup procedure is easy, encrypted and reliable.  Is also selective, unlike WINTSA.
  • Better export feature (to Excel, other).   Export is selective, ie.,  one can export only specific parts of the data such as just programs, or patient. This also applies for to database restore from backup, and importing. Can export and import program parameters as well.
  • Enhanced patient management  – Can add more patient information fields and edit them as desired; plus print subject details with the results
  • Event marking, including option to use event sound configuration and change the sound for actions in a test
  • Authorizations – option to add more operators user and password to run the software with limited edit options (just to run tests and not change any settings)
  • Better report generator with edit options
  • Improved test graph – The graph now has both horizontal and vertical grid lines, which make viewing the temperature profile much easier and more clear.   This includes better zoom options and the ability to view statistics in real time.
  • Direct access to help manuals from software
  • Better fitting for large and/or wide screens (the old software was designed for square monitors)
  • Remote training session

With TSA Medoc Main Station results and reporting are now in one place; in the saved results view.   User can view the actual results and scroll through a long test, explore the actual temperature profile, zoom in on specific temperatures or events, check the program parameters or body site, view the statistics and numerical  result, etc. – – – all one click away from printing out a report or exporting the results to an excel file they can analyze later.  Reports can be printed, saves as PDF, JPEG and a variety of other formats.   In the old TSA software (WINTSA), viewing the actual test after it was saved could only be done by viewing a static report or exporting to text file which needed to be done from a different place in the software.   The reports could only be printed.  Further still, running a test is simple and faster; such as testing several patients one after the other or retesting the same patient in different body sites or protocols.  It’s just 3 simple steps to start a test: select patient, program and body site (optional). The selections are automatically saved and for the next test, you only need to change what is needed (be it patient, program or body site or any combination).

Maintenance and Support

A major benefit of upgrading to Medoc Main Station Version is  maintenance support: The WINTSA software is no longer supported in terms of ongoing development; as it does not run with the latest Microsoft operating systems (including 64 bit OS) – nor will it in the future as Microsoft makes further advances still.   TSA Main Station Software Version  support new Operating Systems throughout it’s life cycle .   Medoc will release updates from time to time, which will include corrections to any problems brought to our attention, as well as new features.

Demo Version Available

Demo version (download link) is available.  Simply download the new software demo for 30 days (unzip the file) in the next link and install it:


 Please contact Medoc or your local representative for more details and pricing.

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