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Pathway upgrade solution for PATHWAY users S/N 1-159 (click to find out more)

As part of our efforts to improve our systems’ serviceability  and in light of the new MMS S/W which is now available, we would like to offer an upgrade solution for PATHWAY users S/N 1-159.

The following is a short explanation on the advantages of this upgrade, and how to effectively it is:

Main advantages:

  • You get an equivalent to a brand new system for 20%-30% cost of a new system
  • The upgrade includes 12 months warranty, including parts replacement
  • Faster and more efficient service for upgraded systems
  • Latest software update support and future updates


  • Old hardware – high risk of malfunctions
  • New MMS S/W support windows 7&8 32 & 64 Bit– Can’t use it without upgrading the H/W first!

All new hardware:

  • New E. Box with new non licking connectors
  • New Thermodes
  • New accessories
  • New style cooling unit


Latest Medoc Main Station software version MMS :

  • Supporting 32/64 Bit
  • Supporting windows 7&8 (future support for Windows 10).
  • Multi systems on one PC with one database
  • Future software upgrades – Free of charge!
  • CoVAS display (Improvement)
  • Event markings (Improvement)
  • New software Features


  • 12 months warranty for the system after an upgrade (option to extend for more)


  • fMRI improvements in the new hardware
  • fMRI improvements in the latest software
  • Future fMRI improvements will only apply to the latest PATHWAY H/W and S/W versions

As you can see, for the upgrade you will end up with an almost brand new system, including 12 months warranty and new S/W, and better / faster / more efficient technical support.


Should you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact Medoc.

Network Communication Interface for PATHWAY (click to find out more)

Pathway TCP Socket Interface enables another software application, running on the same computer or on a second external computer to communicate with Medoc Main Station (MMS) software.

MMS is the only application actually connected to and controlling the PATHWAY system. The second application will be sending and receiving commands to MMS. MMS will control the PATHWAY system accordingly.  All communication between the second software application and MMS application will be done using inter-application communication interface based on TCP socket connection.

The diagrams below give describe the relationship between MMS, PATHWAY system and a second, external application in two configurations:

MMS and controlling application are installed on the same computer (Figure 1) One computer configuration.

Figure 1

MMS and controlling application are installed on two separate computers connected to each other over local network. describes the configuration if both applications are installed on the same computer (Figure 2) Two computer configuration.

Figure 2


Should you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact Medoc.