September 2018 Newsletter

We are happy to introduce our new Medoc Newsletter series, starting with this September 2018 issue.

We will be using these newsletters to share exciting product news and insights regarding the use of our systems.

Medoc will once again have a booth at the upcoming IASP World Congress in Boston this September.  Our participation at this important meeting will also include product support for the QST Hands-on Workshop.

Enjoy reading and see you at the IASP conference.

The Medoc Team

Medoc will present at the IASP World Congress on Pain and will provide  product support for the QST workshop

Meet us at the IASP World Congress in Boston this September and learn about Medoc’s latest developments.

We will be introducing our new, portable Q-Sense fMRI system, along with our  latest Medoc Main Station (MMS) Operating Software – for all of our systems.

Visit us at booth #313.

COMING SOON – The Q-Sense fMRI System 

Portable, easy-to-use thermal stimulator for your pain imaging protocols.

New, robust, air-cooled contact thermal probe technology. Also available is a dual thermode configuration, which provides simultaneous stimulation of multiple body sites for investigating pain modulation. The new system will be introduced during the IASP conference

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Growing use of Medoc systems and services in pharma clinical trials

QST use in pharma clinical trials has been constantly rising, with special focus on phenotyping, safety and label extension.

This trend reflects the growing awareness within the research and pharma communities regarding how QST can increase trial success rates.

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Enhanced capabilities and features in the new Medoc Main Station (MMS) software 

The new software has more flexibility and options than the previous MMS version , and offers a significant enhancement for Win-TSA users.

Read more about the specific benefits of upgrading your software version.

Full spectrum of Cold Detection Threshold (CDT), is now available for Q-sense and Q-Sense CPM systems

The extended new stimulation temperature range of 16*ᵒC to 50ᵒC (formerly 20ᵒC to 50ᵒC) is now available for Q-sense and Q-Sense CPM users using the new MMS software (v 6.4.0).

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Full spectrum of Cold Detection Threshold (CDT)

Publication spotlight

A recent study by J. Schliessbach and colleagues shows promising results to predict analgesic effects of various drugs using thermal QST with TSA-II.

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