Medoc will present its tailor-made QST services for clinical trials in SOPATE 2018

29 November 2018
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What are the main problems of analgesic trial design?

How new regulatory trends affect pain drug development?

Can neuroimaging can assist in pain research?

These are only some of the issues that will be discussed next week in the European Congress on Clinical Trials in Pain (SOPATE2018) in Vienna.

This symposium will bring together researchers, clinicians, industry professionals and other related experts.

The purpose is to look at ways of improving the situation by developing better ideas and practices in clinical trials on pain.

During the event, Medoc will present its Quantitative Sensory testing (QST) – and discuss its effective contribution to pharma-sponsored analgesic clinical trials.

QST is a well-established, gold-standard technique to quantitatively assess the peripheral small fibers functionality and central pain processing.

Recent advances, including the development of new devices, methods, training solutions and normative data all support the growing embrace of QST into the complex arena of clinical drug development programs. Among other uses are phenotyping to predict treatment response, and assessment efficacy or safety endpoints. Insights from recent programs in which QST was utilized, and the potential benefit to the sponsors will be discussed.